Raspberry Coulis

Coulis is just a chef-y way of saying a puree or sauce! Either way works .. it’s super versatile and just plain delicious! Make it today and lay it on thick over your favorite stacks!

Try it on with your favorite gluten free breakfast!

Servings 1 Jar
Prep Time n/a
Cook Time Few Minutes
Passive Time n/a


2 cups frozen raspberries
¼ cup of sugar
¼ cup water
2 TBS Muffin and More + 2 TBS water


Over medium heat bring raspberries, sugar, and water to a low simmer stirring every few mins.They should be just starting to fall apart.

In a small cup or dish combine the Muffin & More and water to a smooth slurry ( whisk well with a spoon- leave no lumps)

Add all at once to the raspberry mixture and whisk to combine and thicken.

Take off of heat.

You can stop here and you will have a delicious hot jam basically


Strain through a sieve pressing the mixture through the sieve with a spoon- this is what I do and it creates a smooth velvety sauce that’s devine.

Store in the fridge and thin out with a little water if necessary for your application.

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