Wholesale and Distributor Inquiries

Josie’s Best offers allergy-free mixes at wholesale volumes in our retail pouches and bulk sizes for qualified retail stores, distributors, restaurants, and other food service establishments.

All of our products are produced in a Top 8 Allergen-free facility which means we are dedicated gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, egg-free, and dairy-free. All of our products are non-GMO and can be made with traditional milk and eggs or with plant-based milk and egg alternatives making them vegan friendly!

Whether you are a large chain store or a small boutique we would love to work with you! Please fill out the form and we will be in touch!

Please note, we do not sell our products to those who intend to resell on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and ALL other 3rd party sites.

Josie’s Best Gluten Free Mixes is also available on the following wholesale platforms:



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