How My Celiac Diagnosis Led Me to Josie’s Best Waffles

A guest post by Alli Heiman

In the early days of my Celiac diagnosis, I found myself grappling with the challenges of being new to gluten free living. It was 2013, when social media was less influential and it was less common to shop for foods online. Gluten free options were much more limited, leaving me to settle for underwhelming choices from store shelves.

Fast forward to today where the choices for those of us with Celiac are expanding at an incredible rate – where products like Josie’s are so within reach – and can even show up right at your doorstep! I’m so excited to share about why I’ve been so grateful to have Josie’s in my kitchen and introduce you to a fantastic new resource for newcomers with Celiac Disease.

Josie’s has become my favorite choice for gluten free waffles because they’re simply the best (we’ve tried many!) What sets this brand apart is not only the exceptional quality of their products but also their unwavering commitment to their customers.

In our home, I’m the only one who requires a gluten free lifestyle. However, we’ve chosen to maintain a mostly gluten free environment to ensure Celiac safety. Adding another layer of complexity, my 3-year-old daughter has egg and dairy allergies. While she can now tolerate both in baked goods, we’re always on the lookout for foods that help us gradually expose her to these allergens.

We have a tradition of making “weekend waffles”, which we always look forward to. Not only do I have a little sous chef, but it’s also an opportunity to expose my daughter to eggs and dairy in baked form. The challenge was finding breakfast foods that were both gluten free (so I could eat them too!) and made with wholesome ingredients – that’s where Josie’s came in. When we were avoiding these allergens altogether, this mix also worked so well with dairy free alternatives and egg substitutes. Today, these gluten free waffles allow us to continue our baked exposure journey while keeping everyone safe.

If you’re curious about how we manage this gluten free lifestyle and balance it with my daughter’s allergies, follow along on Instagram @allisappetite. Plus, you’ll often find me showing off our Josie’s gluten free waffle dates on my stories.

I discovered Josie’s through Instagram friends who raved about these gluten free waffles. Like any skeptic, I wondered, “How good could they honestly be?” To my delight, the answer was simple: absolutely delicious, whether you have dietary restrictions or not!

What sets Josie’s apart?  Their commitment to producing their products in a dedicated gluten free facility and their status as a trusted brand. In an industry where scaling often prioritizes quantity over quality, Josie’s maintains a perfect balance. All of their mixes are certified gluten free by the reputable Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO).

Josie’s operates in a top-8 allergen-friendly facility, ensuring safety for those with Celiac and other allergies.  They go above and beyond, testing all incoming ingredients to ensure they meet stringent gluten free standards (5-10PPM), as well as spot testing outgoing finished products to the same level. It’s a level of dedication that truly sets them apart and provides peace of mind to the Celiac community.

If you’re newly diagnosed with Celiac and feeling overwhelmed, I have a resource to make your journey smoother.

Settling into Celiac is your key to building confidence when you’re new to gluten free living. It’s packed with valuable information and practical tips that will help you adapt seamlessly to your Celiac diagnosis. Learn more about this online self-paced course at: Use code JOSIES for an exclusive 50% discount!

To anyone out there who is new to gluten free living and feeling overwhelmed by a Celiac diagnosis, remember this: you’re not alone and there’s a world of support out there. Register for the Settling into Celiac course and whip up a batch of Josie’s best gluten free waffles to fuel you while learning about how living with Celiac can still be manageable and equally delicious!


Alli Heiman

Alli Heiman is the creator of A brand-new online course, Settling into Celiac, which was designed to help you achieve a manageable & approachable gluten free lifestyle.