Gluten Free Lefse Recipe

If you’re here for the gluten free lefse awesome!  Truthfully, I was not born into a Lefse eating family, the Norwegian roots come from my husband’s family, and I was introduced to Lefse and Lutefisk when we were dating.  Lefse is a soft bread, thicker than a crepe, with a potato-y taste.  Its traditionally cooked on a griddle.

My mother-in-law has a very old family recipe that I’ve used as a base here to create a gluten free lefse.  She has always made lefse at Christmastime and it is accompanied by Lutefisk which is a gelatinous fish that is cured in lye.  The meal consists of the Lefse, mashed potatoes, melted butter, and the Lutefisk.  You layer the fish, butter, and potatoes on the lefse and eat it like a fish taco of sorts. There is LOTS to say about Lutefisk, but we are going to stick to Lefse here 😆

Using the potato ricer is a traditional way to make this recipe.  You can certainly just mash the potatoes if you don’t have one, but it is a great way to make perfectly smooth mashed potatoes in a snap.

This is one of those “labor of love” recipes.  It’s not fast, or easy, but I am so honored to carry on a tradition and recreate a family recipe to make it gluten free.  I usually make the mashed potatoes ahead of time, so they have plenty of time to cool.  Then, when I am ready to make the lefse I employ kiddos to help mix and roll the balls and we make Lefse for as long as it takes  I like to think of all the generations that have done the same, and I am grateful to have the memories with my family.  Enjoy this gluten free Lefse Recipe, with (or without) Lutefisk 🐟 😉 ~ Josie

Servings 20
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1-3 minutes
Passive Time n/a


2 lbs Russet potatoes
½ cup salted butter
1 ½ tsp salt
2 eggs
2 cups (300g) Josie’s Best GF Muffin and More Mix + some for dusting


Boil potatoes “with jackets on” (aka peels)  until soft enough to mash.
Drain and peel potatoes, and then rice them. *you can  mash them if you don’t have a ricer BUT the ricer is a great tool for easy smooth,  zero clumps mashed potatoes.

Add butter and salt *salt is to taste here so you can certainly add a little more or less if you like.

Allow this mixture to get cold *important

When ready to make the lefse start preheating a nonstick style pan or griddle with no oil.

Prepare a rolling station with parchment and some Muffin and More for dusting.

To the potato mixture add 2 eggs and mix well.

Add 2 cups of Muffin and More and mix with a spatula to get incorporated then turn out onto  parchment and knead the dough a few times to really get the flour into the potatoes.

Take small handfuls (about ¼ cup) of the dough and roll into balls with about a 2 inch diameter

Dust parchment and rolling pin well and roll the balls out to about 2mm thickness.

Use a wide spatula to scoop the lefse up and gently place it on a preheated surface.

Cook flipping once until just starting to brown on each side, about 2 mins. Per side. Your cooking surface needs to be medium hot- not smoking but warm enough to brown the lefses.

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