Gluten Free Galette

A Gluten Free Galette with fresh summer berries using our beloved gluten free pie crust recipe.  Galettes are basically free from pies. Make a pie crust, roll it thick, fill with your favorite fruit, and that’s about it. Tender, buttery, flaky crust bursting with berries. So. Dang. Good. Enjoy one of our favorite gluten free desserts! 🫶 Josie

Servings 1 Galette
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Passive Time n/a


Pie Crust
I cup batch of our Pie Crust


4 cups of strawberries
1/2 cup + 2 TBS sugar
The zest of 1 lemon (grated)
additional 2 TBS Josie’s Best Muffin & More Mix

1 additional egg beaten
2 TBS additional milk or cream


Preheat oven to 325

Cut the tops off of about 4 cups of Strawberries and slice them in half.

Add 1/2 of sugar.  Toss to coat and let them sit while you make the crust.

Make the pie crust and let it rest for about 5 mins.  ( you do not have to chill it here but you certainly can)

Roll out the dough about 1.5x as thick as you would a traditional pie on parchment so you can lift it directly onto a cookie sheet to bake. This is very heavy and soft before its cooked so it will fall apart if you try to lift only the uncooked galette on to a baking tray to cook.

To the strawberries add 1/2 of the lemon zest and 2 TBS MM- toss to coat.

Scoop the berries into the center of the rolled out crust leaving any juices at the bottom of the bowl.

Lift and fold the pie crust around the berries– don’t worry about perfection here!

Mix the beaten egg and 2 TBS Milk in a small bowl.

Once the crust is tucked around the berries like a nice little bundle, brush the whole thing with the egg/milk combo.  Be generous here but it should not be pooling at the bottom of the galette.

Sprinkle the whole galette with the additional 2 TBS sugar and what is left of the lemon zest.

Cook until juices are running and the crust is just golden brown- about 45 mins.

**Make sure you give ample time to cool so the berries have time to set up and firm up- at least 1 hour or more.

**Allow it to cool exactly as it cooked for about 30 mins then you can gently lift it (using the parchment or silicone you baked it on) to a cooling rack. Once it’s completely cool you can slice and move it easily but when those berries are hot it’s easy to ruin your masterpiece!

**You can replace the strawberries with ANY berry or fruit!!

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