Easy Baked Crepe Roll

Chances are you have a Josie’s Best Gluten Free Crepe Mix sitting in your pantry! If not, get one stat because we are sharing another fun way to enjoy this delicious mix! Say hello to THE Best Kept Crepe Mix Secret: Baked Crepe Roll! This is an easy and different way to use our crepe mix that does NOT require “crepe making skills” (even though we think you should have some:-) ) This is a super adjustable recipe that we’ve made with everything from simple frozen berries to a Gluten Free Yule Log!  Enjoy the video and recipe and if you do want to work on those traditional crepe making skills check out our Crepe 101 video.

More about Josie’s Best GF

We’re there for those delicious moments when “I can’t eat that” turns into “I can eat that?!”

For the sleeves rolled up, flour on the nose messes that are the beginning of lifelong memories. We’re there on Sundays when you want to pile the pancakes higher than little hands can reach them. Or when you’ve declared “breakfast for dinner” and, somehow, it’s the best night of the week. Josie’s Best Gluten Free is there for all the moments you should never miss out on because of a food allergy.

From her childhood watching her culinary father whip up breakfasts, Josie has always appreciated good food—especially if that food was fluffy, round, and drizzled with syrup. When she was diagnosed with food allergies in her 20s, she set out to find a pancake mix that could stand up to her cravings. When she couldn’t find it on the market, she spent hours in her kitchen tinkering with ingredients and measurements until she created what we now simply call “the pancake.” From there, we’ve grown Josie’s Best Gluten Free to include the waffle, the muffin & more, and the crepe.

What started as a personal mission has grown into a larger one—to bring back breakfast for everyone. Today, our customers are revived breakfast enthusiasts, home bakers, and well-loved restaurants looking to provide delicious options for all. And, just like a plate of pancakes or fresh-baked bread, Josie’s is best served with warm smiles and a side of family connection.

Servings 1 Roll
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10-15 minutes
Passive Time N/A



Preheat your oven to 350.

Mix up a 1 cup batch of Josie’s Best GF Crepe mix.

Line a standard cookie sheet w/ parchment.

Toss some fresh or frozen berries or fruit on the cookie sheet (any is kind is fine!)

Pour the crepe batter on top.

Bake for about 15 mins- start checking at about 10 mins. You want this cooked through but not crispy.

When the crepe comes out of the oven use the parchment to roll it up!

Slice, top with a little butter, plain yogurt, jam, or nothing at all and Enjoy!

Note: Before you roll it up you could add some whipped cream or any other filling!

There’s so many possibilities here we can’t wait to see what creative options YOU come up with so make sure to tag us @josiesbestgf

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