Pure Vanilla Extract



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Let the singing begin… The perfect complement to your GF baking!  (2 oz size)

Corn Free Vanilla Extract is difficult to find. No need to search any further. Some customers are concerned that the alcohol in vanilla extract could come from corn. All of our pure vanilla extracts are made with alcohol derived from pure cane sugar, not corn.

Kosher Pareve      Gluten-Free      Sugar-Free       Fair Trade Plus+®         No Sesame     Vegan       No Soy       No Palm Oil      Corn-Free      Non-GMO      Animal Cruelty-Free       SCD Diet Legal     AIP Diet Friendly



Water, Alcohol (35%), Vanilla Bean Extractives


More than 5 years. Store in a cool, dry place. Best not to refrigerate.

other notes

  • Is packed in a glass bottle
  • Made in the USA from vanilla beans grown in Indonesia
  • Alcohol is derived from pure cane sugar
  • Our farmers share in the profits
  • Not extracted or bottled in shared facilities with allergens
  • Vanilla Extract does not go bad, it improves with age